Wahoo Creek, that is. It’s a good place to ski. I’m spilling the beans because I found out about it the old fashioned way: looking at a map and then going to investigate. Going up. Wahoo faces north.  It traps snow, has plenty of shaded aspects, and the lower reaches seem to strongly resist being […]

Marquette Backcountry ski review

Are the Marquette’s real skis? In many ways this is the central question, because the answer dictates the criteria against which they are judged. If we take them at the face value of the marketing schtick (70% ski, 30% snowshoe, 100% fun) success only calls for an idiosyncratic and fun tool for bushwhacking. The performance […]

Packrafting the Grand Canyon

Super stylish route (with a massive shuttle) by the east coasters. It is great news that multiple permitted packraft trips, with unconventional entry and exit points, have been completed. Hopefully it will open the door to even more, and more hopefully, to a blending of the backcountry and river permitting process that would be less […]

Mounting tricks

As has been explored previously here, my tastes in ski gear (well, most gear, actually) is rather idiosyncratic.  Driven by an overvaluation of simplicity and aesthetics, and at the moment, a strong need for affordability.  I say all this as a sort of disclaimer: take my advice, and you may consider yourself misled down the […]