Bob Open post-game

There’s not an enormous amount left to say about the Open. yet, which hasn’t been said in the previous thread and the comments.  Dan Durston had a true adventure in the best tradition of wilderness, pushing through a myriad of mental and physical obstacles to grind out a finish.  For everyone else save Greg a […]

Your own kind of dumb: Bob Open DNF report

Hubris, obstinacy, self-deception. Version 1: Lingering sickness meant I couldn’t eat enough, and while I did 45 miles in 15 hours on Saturday the next morning it was obvious that I should have stayed home.  I bailed as quickly and cleanly as circumstance allowed. Version 2: I’ve preferenced doing trips with others over big-miles training […]

The ultimate partner

How to do adventures outside with your SO; a subject I’ve thought of writing about for years, and under implicit prompting from Geargal Jill I’m taking a crack at it today.  It’s a desire many have, for good reason.  Building a lifetime partnership and outdoor adventures both rank high on the life list of anyone […]

Raft rehabilitation

Last year I acquired an old raft from Roman, identical to the Sherpa pictured below, but hand-made by Roman himself. Beyond a cheap option to get others out packrafting, this boat was used on the Alaska range bike traverse whose write-up in National Geographic was so influential on me as a high schooler.  It’s a […]