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2012; the most beautiful year

This has been a difficult year.  To use one easy example, the progression of my wilderness skills was orderly and logical in years past.  In 2008 Chris Plesko and I went to Yellowstone.  In 2009 Kevin Sawchuk and I traversed … Continue reading

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New snow

We’re well on the way towards having a proper winter, but I can’t get excited about skiing yet.  Until the snow in the valley fingers and forests is too deep for riding, I’ll be on my bike. Snow makes familiar … Continue reading

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Newtown for a new century

What’s in your closet? Gun control is not the answer. Yes guns make it easier, and perhaps therefore more probable, for the Lanza’s of the world to kill many people.  But let us remember something which most have forgotten in … Continue reading

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Beyond bear spray

When writing with broad strokes, problematic human-bear encounters can be divided into three types.  Daylight visual encounters, where human and bear see each other before impact.  Daylight surprise encounters, which lack more than instantaneous forewarning; and night encounters which for … Continue reading

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Buck PakLite sheath mod, and Megalight update

The Buck PakLite series are good knives at a great price.  I bought my regular sized Skinner for 19 dollars, and it holds a pretty good edge for a pretty long time.  It’s thick enough (4mm) that you can beat … Continue reading

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The season of inverted water bottles

When it’s consistently below 25 F, hang your exterior water bottle (the one not wrapped in insulation in your pack) upside down; be it in a belt holster, your side pocket, or on a shoulder strap.  This keeps the thermal … Continue reading

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Cold December Lakes

McDonald, Tuesday. Bowman, Friday. Upper Quartz, Friday. Upper Quartz, this morning. Lower Quartz, this morning. Bowman, noon today.

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Steelhead and Spines

Solid work by the Provos.   

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The ghost squirrels of Montana

I went squirrel hunting today, for the first time in many years. I did this for two reasons. First, I’m starting to get a bit bored with backpacking and the paradigm of knowledge associated with it. This is predictable. With … Continue reading

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2012 Outdoor State of the Industry report and Holiday Gift Guide

Yesterday I discussed how 2012 has, in the cycling world, been the year of the fat bike. Below I’ll examine various other categories, in a non-definitive fashion, to highlight similarly industry-shifting developments. These are products which speak of a significant … Continue reading

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