Reading Ed in the 21st Century

Desert Solitaire is a book I almost hate to love. It is not a safe subject at parties. Ed Abbey was, in Solitaire, one of those very best writers who so easily hide tangled ideas under the narrative veneer; the result being that depth is easily overlooked. Easy examples would be the categorization of Solitaire […]

The Flathead at Flood

All three forks of the Flathead have been setting all time records for five straight days, after the warm snap from last week built to a crescendo of melt over the weekend.  It’s a remarkable thing to see, the relatively placid river M and I floated at around 3000 cfs 10 days ago swollen eight […]

The Breaks

I took my own advice this weekend, sucked it up, didn’t go to the Bob, and instead made the long drive to somewhere totally unfamiliar: The Missouri River Breaks National Monument. It was good to be hiking in cactus country again. Befitting the desert, water was a problem on my route. The idea was to […]

Local contempt

We humans are lazy creatures, by which I mean complacent in the face of habit.  We do not need any particular reason to keep doing what we do on a regular basis, we need a rather particular reason to do anything else.  Which is why it makes sense that Ryan got there first. I’ve driven […]