The Two Essentials

This weekend I’m headed out on the biggest trip of the summer, a seven day traverse through the eastern and southern sections of Yellowstone National Park. Conditions look good; highs in the low 70s, lows in the high 30s, and the one problem ford down to an acceptable level (i.e. my shorter and lighter companions […]

Happy birthday

M turned __ this past Saturday. She got a pair of trekking poles and the best backpack in Glacier. The crux of the route, up a hidden gully through the cliffs, is worth worrying about this early in the summer.  We needed the axes we carried.  Offwidthing between ice and rock up the left side […]

An incomplete treatise on ‘mid selection

BD Megalight with aftermarket guy points resisting the wind. A pyramid shelter is the most versatile shelter for outdoor adventure.  There are many reasons to not have a quiver of tarps and tents, and the best one is that having one shelter suitable for all conditions allows you to grab and go.  A ‘mid fits […]