They are not yours

It’s been tough work the last 18 months, becoming a hunter, and not because the discipline itself is so multifaceted. Video by Adam Moffat. The difficulty has to do with hunters, and with hunting itself as it all too often practiced in the US. I’ve heard endless chest-thumping bravado, about “smoking” an animal and cultivating […]

A walk in late June

Snow diverted use from our original objective. While it poured for 72 hours in town last week, three feet fell in the highest reaches. The critters are in full summer feeding mode. rufukkinwidme? Plan B turned to Plan C when still more snow sent us down and around the first lake, rather than up through […]

Another weekend

 First I went bear hunting, and then we went backpacking. June is when a low level of panic begins to set in.  Do the math and you realize that the weekends between today and the first fall storm are few, not nearly enough for half the things on the list.  But right not the streams […]

92,000 cfs

Gibson Reservoir overtopping the dam, June 1964. Photo via the USGS. Last weekend I checked the Middle Fork Flathead gauge, as I habitually do almost every morning, and noticed a big number. 92,000 cfs; the historic maximum, set in 1964. As the first week of June came to a close in 1964, unusual but not […]

Summer is sneaky

It’s summer here, which is to say the rivers have crested and are slowly on their way down, temps above 70 can be taken for granted, and snow is making a rapid retreat in even the highest places. There are a couple reasons why this transformation always seems to take me by surprise. First, the […]