Spring lakes and mountains

I had hoped to make it up to both Margaret and Cerulean Lakes this winter: two big sub-alpine lakes off-trail in two different drainages in two different corners of Glacier. Fatigue and conditions meant I didn’t even try to get close to Margaret last weekend, and the too soon march of spring made the snowpack […]

Wisdom from Norton Pearl

The Belly River ranger station, with Chief Mountain in the upper left.  It is the only park facility which is both staffed full time (in summer) and not accessible by motor vehicle. Norton Pearl was one of the original backcountry rangers in Glacier National Park, though back then (the park was established in 1910) there […]

The Phinney Legend

He was twice world champion in the individual pursuit, before he was old enough to drink a beer. He finished fourth in the Olympic road race and time trial last August. He got second in the World’s time trial by 5 seconds last September. He is hilarious. His parents are both legendary American cyclists, and […]