Review the review: OGL on Headlamps

I may have given them some shit recently, but a few weeks ago Outdoor Gear Lab atoned for any past sins and then some, with an outstanding headlamp review. I can’t think of anything they left unexamined.  Breadth (37 lamps) and depth (beam patterns, real world run times) are present.  Basic theory (why have a […]

The 2014 Whitefish Whiteout

Friday night I was nervous.  Incredulous, I was, but it was unmistakable; I was worried about a 150 minute race the next day.  In 2011 I fought to finish the Whitefish Whiteout, doing some of the hardest skiing I’d ever done.  The next year I DNF’d, with not enough skiing under my belt to manage […]

Pack materials rundown

I gave in to a somewhat unreasonable obsession with building packs a few years ago, embracing the learning process it provides and admitting that nothing will be perfect and that eventually, anything will go back under the knife to be rebuilt or just scrapped for parts. This lack of attachment helps, I like to think, […]

Seek Outside Big Sibling stove review

I am not going to discuss the theory and applicability of a backpackable wood stove here. For that, go elsewhere. If you are interested in the lightest and most compact such stove currently available, read on. The Big Sibling is the lightest wood stove on the market because it dispenses with a lot of what […]

Wind powered

Many Glacier is shaped by the wind. On even the harshest days during the kind six months of the year, you only see the obliquest angle of this. In winter, it’s full bore: wind sucked down off the continental divide down three gaping drainages and blasted out onto the lakes of the main valley. M […]

Sperry in Winter

This one goes out to my mom, who had the presence of mind to snag the last opening at Sperry Chalet for the coming summer. The chalet is one of two left standing in the Glacier backcountry. Positioned up on a bench at the head of long valley, the views could not be better. The […]