My 2015 Bob Open

Preparation comes before success, and a few weeks before the Bob Open I knew that I wouldn’t have the legs to really push things.  I’ve had other priorities this spring, and like everywhere else there are no honest shortcuts in the wilderness.  Last year complications put me behind schedule and strongly suggested an early exit, […]

Packing for the 2015 Bob Open

The weather forecast is good, even a little excessively warm. The rivers aren’t high. The snow will be minimal. Attendance at the start promises to be the highest ever, possibly by a lot. The Bob Open should be a good time. I’m taking a more relaxed approach this year, with a bit of extra time […]

Dean Potter

It is probable that you know about Dean Potter’s death this past weekend; flying into a cliff while wingsuit flying in Yosemite. Like most attentive climbers in the 90s, I first heard the name Dean Potter in a tiny Wild Things ad in either Climbing or Rock and Ice, showing the above photo (or one […]

Trophy Country: the Thesis

“For all the grace and delight of hunting are rooted in this fact: that man, projected by his inevitable progress away from his ancestral proximity to animals, vegetable, and minerals -in sum, to nature- takes pleasure in the artificial return to it, the only occupation that permits him something like a vacation from the his […]